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 Battlefield: Bad Company 2

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PostSubject: Battlefield: Bad Company 2   Fri Dec 03, 2010 3:25 pm

It took half a year, but EA and DICE finally awarded the Battlefield faithful with two brand spanking new maps and a pair of classics from the original Bad Company. The absence of new content outside of unlocking pre-existing maps for new modes didn't do Bad Company 2 any favors, as the game dropped precipitously from its top-three status in the Xbox Live unique users charts as the year progressed. Though you could still find full matches, before Map Pack 7 Major Nelson reported that Bad Company 2 had slipped all the way to the 17th position, behind four Call of Duty titles, two Halo games, and a slew of sports and action games. So are these new maps enough to rekindle a love affair with one of the best shooters of the year? We dusted off our guns and headed to the battlefield to find out.

Fans of close-quarters maps should love Cold War. This winter map takes place in the mountainside Russian town of Chukotka. In Rush mode, the attacking team parachutes onto a ridge overlooking the cramped war-torn village. Given the tight avenues between buildings and surrounding tree lines, there are no vehicles and few long sight lines for snipers to exploit. This helps encourage freedom of movement for general infantry. While there is enough room to flank the three sets of M-Com stations, it's not hard for the defending army to set a perimeter and funnel the action into the village. Given the close quarters feel, this a great map for shotgun and assault rifle fans. Several of the crates are placed outside of buildings, which thankfully curbs the overzealous mortar spamming on buildings containing crates. Snipers and RPG soldiers can no longer demolish the crates by destroying the surrounding building or lobbing rockets from afar; if you want to advance to the next two sets of crates, you need to man up and place a charge in person.

At first, I was pissed Heavy Metal wasn't available in Rush mode. After loading up the map, I understand why DICE made it primarily for Conquest. Heavy Metal is HUGE, recalling the expansive maps of the series' PC titles like Battlefield 2. With the picturesque Chilean mountainside town of Aconcagua serving as the backdrop, three flags are positioned in a rugged valley sprinkled with high-tech windmills. Given the large swathes of terrain between flags, the map is perfect for vehicular warfare and sniping. Each side has access to multiple helicopters and tanks, and the key to holding the flags is air superiority. If you're up against an ace pilot and skilled gunner, it can be hard to get out of your spawn base, let alone move across the map to take a flag, if you don't have talented AA gunners taking them out before they are in striking range. Traveling in a vehicle to your next destination is recommended considering the long distances between objectives. With high ridges and towers overlooking the valley and large distances in between flags, you'll probably be picked off from afar by a bush wookie or turn into roadkill if you're running across the open plain. Though the vehicular combat offers a nice change of pace from infantry-based combat, the map seems too big given the 24-player cap.

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2
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