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PostSubject: Doomino   Sun Jun 28, 2009 1:05 am

Nick: Doomino (but pinounced as domino the game just randomly added O in it hehe )
Real firstname: Matthew
Lastname: Collins
Date of birth: 19th of december in 1990
Location: Ireland, Lenster, Co.Louth, Drogheda (not giving me street address hehe)

Hobbies: Watching movies,Going outside Having a laugh and also my limmited illegal downloads of music and movies and games and anything else u can think of muwhahahahaha

Favorite games: Worms Armageddon, Crossfire, C&C Tiberium Wars, GRID, Battlefield 2142, Halo, Unreal Tournament, GTA4

Favorite worms schemes: Wxw, RR, Big RR, BnG, Hysteria, Mineball, And others but can thing of them offhand

Favorite weapon: R[()]P3 and B4z[()] [()]c4

Contact: MSN = Matthewtjc@hotmail.com AND Xfire: domminox65

Peace Out Dudes!
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