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Join date : 2009-02-03
Age : 30
Location : Biatorbágy, Hungary

PostSubject: Ombodi77   Wed Feb 11, 2009 4:08 pm

Hey All!

Nickname: Ombodi77 (not only in Wormy World)
Real Name: Gábor Ombodi
Date of Birth: 8th of January 1989
Location: Milky Way Galaxy, Earth, Europe, Central Europe, Hungary, Pest County, Biatorbágy
Occupation: Student... I am going to be a web-programmer...
Hobbies: Playing PC games(WA bounce , sometimes older versions of NFS, GTA, Quake, Deer Hunter, Poker in UltimateBet); Texas Hold'em in real life too, Bowling, Billiard, Skating, Soccer, TV shows (South Park, National Geographic Channel and Discovery Channel)...
But my main hobby is be with my lovely, beutiful, wonderful girlfriend I love you AngelTimi88 I love you. Love her forever!
Some other favourites: Drum and Bass, Grapefruit, Gold Fishes, Nike shoes, Orange color, Number 77 and this smiley: bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce

Some Wormy Facts:
Playing Worms: Since 1998 W2 later WWP - since 2005 via Wormnet, then Worms Armageddon while I will be 77 years old...
Favourite schemes: Boom Race, WxW, Intermediate, Shopper, WFW, Big RR
Favourite weapons: Aqua Sheep, Mad Cows, Cluster Bomb
Hated scheme: Proper
Teams in Worms: Subaru, South Park Stars, Ombodi77, Qkacok (Almost means "Worms" in Hungarians but the real world is "Kukacok", but this team only contains worms with Q letter)
BAN member: Since 10th of February 2009

Email: Ombodi77@gmail.com
MSN: ombigabi@hotmail.com
XFire: 0mbodi77 or Ombodi77.. Still don't know, I'm new Smile
HotDog: http://tagok.hotdog.hu/Ombodi77
WMDB: http://wmdb.org/ombodi77

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