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 Vandy (former member)

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PostSubject: Vandy (former member)   Fri Apr 04, 2008 10:22 pm

1: What is the time: 16:13
2: What name is there written on your birth cattificade?: Erik
3: What is your nick name: Vandy, VanDerx
4: What are your parents named: Mom and dad? d:
5: Do you have siblings: Yes
6: What date are you used to blow out candles: I dont
7: What hight are you: 178 cm
8: What color are your eyes: Blue
9: What color is your hair: Dark
10: Are you piercet: No
11: Do you have any tatoos: No
12: Where are you born: Herlev, Copenhagen
13: Where are you grown up: 5 km from Herlev
14: Have you ever been in love: Yes
15: Have you been in Africa: No
16: Have you ever rolled someone in toilet paper: No
17: Have you been rolled in toilet paper: No
18: Have you been drunk: Yes - Totally overrated
19: Do you love somebody now: Yes
20: Have you been in a carcrash: No
21: Do you prefer 2 or 4 doors in a car: 5
22: Sprite or Cola: Coffee
23: Coffee or tea: Coffee
24: Did you as child has a baby soother or teddy bear: Non.
25: What is your favourite saladdressing: Creme Fraiche-dressomg d;
26: What color are your socks: black, White
27: What size of shoes do you use: 46/11.5
28: What is the best holiday you've got: Kos 2003
29: Your favourite food: salad, bloody red beefs and icecream
30: What is the best day of the week: Usely Friday
31: What toothpaste do you use: Zendium
32: What do you hate: You?
33: Favourite icecream: Icecreammmm....
34: Favourite animal: Felines, Canines, Cervines, Vulpines... and worms
35: Favourite Cartoon person: Nala (TLK), Alucard (Van Hellsing)
36: When have you latest been on the hospital: Way back
37: Do you have a bedspreat: No
38: Favourite restuarante: Reef'n'Beef
39: Which word or sentence do you use most: Sorry, what did you say?
40: What is the name of your friend who live longest from you: I dont wanna measure
41: What mobile do you have: Sony Ericsson W810i, iPhone 3G
42: Do you have a webcam: In my computer, yes
43: Do you go to Sun-centers: No, i know how dangerously it is, and i wont looks like a rosin when i'm 30
44: Girl on: No
45: Do you have MSN: Yes
46: Are you often going to cinema: It happens
47: Further questions appreciated: Yes, as long at they're about >Meee<
48: What is the time now: 16:44

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Vandy (former member)
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